In physics, the word fulcrum denotes the point at which motion begins. We strive to create books that will inspire you to move forward in your life or to take action. Whether it’s exploring the world around you or discussing the ideas and issues that shape that world, our books provide the tools to create forward motion in your life.

Our mission is simple, yet profound:

Publish books that inspire readers to LIVE life to the fullest and to LEARN something new every day.

More than thirty years ago, when Bob Baron started Fulcrum Publishing, his goal was to publish high-quality books from extraordinary authors. Fulcrum recognizes that good books can’t exist without the best authors.

To that end, we have published books from prominent politicians (Governors Richard Lamm and Bill Ritter, Jr., Senators Gary Hart and Eugene McCarthy), influential Native Americans (Wilma Mankiller, Vine Deloria Jr., and Joseph Bruchac), master gardeners (Lauren Springer, Tom Peace, and Richard Hartlage), and important organizations in the environmental community (Campaign for America’s Wilderness, World Wilderness Congress, Defenders of Wildlife).

Our books have received accolades from the likes of Tom Brokaw, Elizabeth Dole, Nelson Mandela, Paul Newman, William Sears, MD, Gloria Steinem, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Kurt Vonnegut.

In addition, Fulcrum authors have received awards from prestigious organizations such as the American Booksellers Association, American Library Association,  Colorado Center for the Book, ForeWord magazine, National Book Foundation, National Parenting Publications, New York Public Library, PEN USA Literary Awards, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Teacher’s Choice, Harvey Awards, and more.