Dizzying Heights
Dizzying Heights

Dizzying Heights

The Aspen Novel


384 Pages, 5.25 x 8.5

Formats: ebook: PDF, ebook: EPUB, Mobipocket

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Publication Date: March 2008

ISBN 9781936218707


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This satirical comedy takes place in Aspen, Colorado, second home to billionaires and corporate titans, as well as the ski bums and service staff who keep the town running. Waddy Brush, a young computer programmer, stumbles into a new life in Aspen, falling in with Mortimer Dooberry, a best-selling author/psychologist who lives from scam to scam. Thus begins a story with many twists and unforgettable characters at every turn: a pink-Hummer-driving oil queen, a vacuous heir to a toilet maker's fortune, a cocaine-sniffing rock star, and many more. At stake is the development of the last unspoiled valley in Aspen and a get-rich-quick scheme that pushes the limits of ethics in the Information Age. A clever and entertaining read, Dizzying Heights reaches the satisfying conclusion that good guys don't have to finish last.

Author Biography

Bruce Ducker was raised in New York City and has spent most of his working life practicing corporate law. He has been writing novels since 1975, and his eighth and ninth books will be published in 2008. He won the Colorado Book Award for Lead Us Not into Penn Station.